How To Give Good Massage: Stress Free Methods

Being able to give great massage can grant you the key to your romantic relationship. Here are some methods to do this properly.

Put your lover with the stomach against the bed; make sure that you have a large bed, so you can move around your lover's body. Straddle your partner's back, or apply the massage from one side, which method works best for you two.

Any good back massage begins with a proper warm up. Only after completing this stage, you can begin the deeper massage stage. Here is how you do a good warm up massage. First, you must use circular motions on the sides of the spine; do this with your fingertips. The largest group of muscles are placed on these sides and, when they are tensioned, they are filled with knots that will need massage to be de-tensioned. The spinal muscles must be warm up well, and then you can continue with the shoulders. Pay extra attention to the shoulder blades and the neck.

With the muscles all warmed up, you can begin the massage. Use always the pads of the thumbs to rub gently the skin on the back. Now you can apply more pressure than how you did when you prepared the muscles. Remember to ask your lover how they feel and where they feel extra tension in the muscles, so you can know where to insist more with your movements.

Follow the same path as you did with the warm up: the spinal muscles are first, then the shoulder blades and the muscles between the spines of the blades and the backbone.

Here is how you need to do when it comes to knots that do not want to give up right away. Rub your thumbs in circles on top of the knot. Be careful not to press too hard, as too much can hurt your lover and that will not score too well for a good massage. Increase the pressure in time to obtain the best results.

Return to the warm up mode and knead the muscles on the sides of the spine. Use a movement resembling that of a wave reaching a shore to do that. All this part is intended to make the effect of the massage last longer, even after you finished with the massage.

The final part is the warm down. Decrease the pressure of your movements while touching your lover's back, until your touch becomes feather like.

There are just some simple rules that you need to remember if you want to apply a good massage. One is to begin with gentle strokes and increase the pressure, little by little. Another is to use the pads of your fingers when you apply the massage and always remember about warm up and warm down.