Position for Massage

Ask your partner to sit comfortably on a stool or a chair, ideally with a reasonably low back. The receiver should take off their shoes, loosen any tight clothing, uncross their legs and relax. If a cushion is available place it on the receiver's lap so that he/she can place their hands lightly on it.

You stand behind the receiver. Try to keep your back straight and distribute your weight evenly between your feet. Make sure that your neck and shoulders are relaxed and bend your knees slightly.

Making contact - To establish a connection between you and the receiver place your hands lightly onto the shoulders. Ask him/her to take a few deep breaths, allowing all the stress and tension to dissolve.

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Upper back - effleurage Place both hands, one either side of the spine, on the upper back at the level of the bottom of the shoulder blades. Gently at first and then more firmly stroke up the back around the shoulder blades and back down again. Repeat until you feel the area starting to warm up.

Back - friction Place the balls of your thumbs level at the bottom of the shoulder blades a few centimetres away from the spine. Perform shall, slow deep circular friction movements working towards the neck area. Do NOT press directly onto the spine itself.

If you find any 'knotty' areas friction over these nodules until you feel them breaking down or the discomfort subsides.


Shoulder blades - effleurage Stand to the side of the receiver. If you are treating the right scapula you should position yourself on the left hand side, place your left arm over the front of the shoulders and your right hand, palm down on the right scapula. Circle around the shoulder blade until you feel the area warm and soften. Repeat on the other side.

Shoulder blade - rubbing In the same position as step 4, use the whole of your hand to rub across the scapula. Repeat on the other side.

Shoulder blade - friction Still in the same position place your thumb at the bottom of the scapula and apply deep circular movements all around the shoulder blade.

Shoulders - squeezing Stand behind the receiver and place the palms of both hands, one on top of each shoulder with your thumbs at the back and fingers at the front. Squeeze and release the shoulder muscles until they feel warm.

Shoulders - wringing Standing behind your partner place the palms of both hands on top of one of the shoulders. Pick up and squeeze the muscle with one hand and pull it towards you and then repeat with the other hand. Repeat the wringing on both shoulders until they feel soft and supple.


Arms - squeezing Still standing behind the receiver place the hands one on each upper arm. Gently squeeze and release the muscles, working down the upper arms towards the elbow and glide gently back again. Repeat several times.

Neck - squeezing Stand to the side of your partner. Let their forehead drop slightly forwards into one hand and place your other hand flat on the back of the neck. Squeeze the neck muscles slowly and gently between your thumb and fingers.

Head - making contact Standing behind the receiver place your hands softly on top 0 the receiver's head to establish a connection.

Scalp - friction Place your hands either side of the head, with the fingers well spread out in a claw shape. Use the pads of your fingers to make small circular friction movements over the whole of the scalp. As the tension releases you will feel the scalp starting to move.

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Face - effleurage Standing behind the receiver place the palms of your hands gently on the forehead. Stroke gently out across the forehead towards the temples. Then place your hands on the cheeks and stroke outwards and finally stroke outwards across the chin.

Repeat these wonderfully soothing movements several times.

The wake up! Positioned behind the receiver use your fingertips to gently drum/tap all over the head. Try experimenting with different rhythms. You may also lightly tap all over the face too. This gentle tapping helps to stimulate and energize the mind ready for the rest of the working day!